Celebrating Spring in Skagit Valley

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Skagit Valley’s famed tulip fields are about to burst into a rainbow of color all around the valley. Every year over a million people from around the world flock to this region to witness the beauty and take part in the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

If you ever have the opportunity to experience this incredible show firsthand, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to make a day of it, I suggest that you come on a weekday, enjoy a farm to table lunch in the shade of Washington’s oldest beech tree at Seeds Bistro in La Conner, set aside a couple of hours to check out the hellebores, garden roses and other amazing plant offerings at Christianson’s Nursery & Greenhouse and then pop into either the Red Door Antique Mall and Snow Goose Produce on your way out of town.

Here on the farm, our own little flower festival is underway. The daffodils are putting on a spectacular show and our tulips aren’t far behind. We planted 100 new trial varieties last fall, so the next few weeks will be filled with lots of note and photo taking as we narrow down the list of top performing favorites.

After many months of gray winter days, seeing the cheery creamy white and yellow blooms are always a welcome sign of spring.

Yet, when you say daffodil in relation to floral or landscape design, some people cringe. Perhaps it is because they can only envision big, bright yellow trumpet bells. But trust me, there is a world of beauty beyond the common cultivars like King Alfred. Daffodils come in so many incredible shapes, forms, scents and sizes.


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